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The Participant Workbook contains 13 activities and discussions designed to reinforce key learning and tools introduced in the MicroTriggers® workshop.  Most groups experience them over multiple sessions (for example, every other week or month). The sessions explore the value of the Return on Inclusion (“ROI”) tools by practicing and applying the new ways of thinking and interacting to build and maintain a strong, positive working environment. Each session will run about a half-hour, and include one or two exercises, paired sharing, and group discussion.  Some of the activities are dedicated to practice and applied learning for the Sender, the Receiver, and the Observer.  Other activities allow for more “advanced” application of the MicroTrigger “ROI” techniques.  Team members will action plan to sustain a positive and inclusive work environment.  They will also journal and informally assess to track and measure their improvement along their journey.


The Participant Toolkit includes:
• Key definitions
• Key concepts
• The “ROI” model
• 13 Discussion & Implementation Activities


Product Details:
34 pages, 4-color, spiral bound
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.5 x 0.13 inches


If you are ordering in bulk quantities, please contact Bradley Smith at 240-505-5663 for shipping discounts.

Managing MicroTriggers - Participant Workbook

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