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Ivy Planning Group is a diversity and inclusion pioneer. We provide award-winning training, facilitation, and consulting solutions that have been field-tested and refined over 30 years of serving public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.


Our clients choose Ivy because we pursue organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion through an enterprise business lens.  Our clients choose Ivy because we pursue organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion through an enterprise business lens. We understand the possibilities for the workforce, workplace, and marketplace. That’s a bonus, but the goal is to create positive business impact across all of the levers that make organizations excel in the marketplace. 

Why Choose Ivy?

Why Choose Ivy?

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Ivy consulting services focus on critical areas that promote business optimization: vision and strategic planning, tactical planning, leadership systems, communications planning, diversity assessment, strategy formulation and planning implementation, organizational effectiveness and performance measurement, transition and change management, how to create high performing organizations, reorganization or restructuring, team building and talent empowerment, leadership coaching, and process and productivity improvements. These create great businesses.


Data is necessary to grow any business. To gather and interpret your data, Ivy can blend multiple clean collection methods, and develop tools to analyze data from disparate sources. We conduct pre-survey assessment, design, develop instruments, and pilot surveys. We also perform survey administration, data analysis, generate reports, and advise you how to present and deliver data and analytics in a way that will resonate with your target audience. 



Ivy creates highly interactive training and facilitation sessions that translate your organization's mission and vision into comprehensive strategies and operational tactics that create positive impact. Choose from our extensive training library, or we can customize an offering to meet your unique organizational needs. Our speakers, trainers, and facilitators have delighted diverse audiences in classrooms, conferences, and retreats across the country. We’ve facilitated groups of senior-level executives, technical professionals, even groups where conflict is expected. Ivy can set a climate that is conducive to learning, connection, and promoting behavioral change.


Ivy Planning Group is a leading provider of MOBIS, or management, organizational and business improvement services. We advise our customers how to: build and maintain their vision and strategic plans, assess their organizations, improve processes, services, and products, train their talent, design methods to promote communication and feedback, reengineer processes to address new information technology needs, enhance access to information, streamline operations, measure effectiveness, increase stakeholder participation and consensus building, assess organizational culture, develop strategies, and execute plans to create a more diverse and inclusive organization.



If you want your organization to be better, and you want a partner to guide you along your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey, reach out to Ivy Planning Group. We can lend power to your business growth. 

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