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MicroTriggers are subtle, seemingly unimportant communications that can negatively impact an individual’s performance and confidence. They can be words or behaviors, someone’s tone, inflection or body language, but these tiny signals are damaging when transferred from one person or a group to another.


MicroTriggers matter because in order to be an effective leader of diverse employees, you must build relationships at the individual level. Most leaders can effectively address broader, macro diversity issues, but many miss the smaller, more subtle issues or slights that can create real, undue harm in work relationships. In turn, this can impede a leader’s ability to create deeply engaged, well-functioning, and high-performing teams.

For more than 20 years, Ivy Planning Group has been conducting research into these subtle behaviors, and no one is immune from MicroTriggers. Being aware of our own MicroTriggers, as well as those we may unintentionally send out to others, will go a long way to increase team morale, commitment, and workplace productivity.


Ivy Planning Group has compiled 58 common MicroTriggers that can have a big impact on our work relationships. By sharing your MicroTriggers, you are signaling to your work colleagues how you define respect and what’s important to you. That is a gift at work, because when positioned correctly, MicroTriggers will increase workplace morale and productivity.

Which MicroTriggers Experience
is Right for You?

"This helped me to be more sensitive to the experiences of my co-workers." - Paul T.





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