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NOTE:  It is recommended that before you purchase Managing MicroTriggers® Tool Kits,  you and your team either attend a MicroTriggers® Workshop or take the online course, and read the book, 58 Little Things That Have a BIG Impact – What’s Your MicroTrigger?


58 Little Things That Have a BIG Impact – What’s Your MicroTrigger®? is a best-selling book with more than 60,000 copies in print.  Hundreds of teams, companies and agencies have experienced instructor-led MicroTrigger Workshops. The award-winning MicroTriggers Online® course brings the experience to thousands more as a web-based learning experience. It is clear that MicroTriggers matter and impact an organization’s ability to drive an inclusive and engaged environment.  The purpose of the Managing MicroTriggers Tool Kit is to assist you and your team with “going deeper” with your understanding of and ability to address MicroTriggers in the workplace.


If you are ordering in bulk quantities, please contact Bradley Smith at 240-505-5663 for shipping discounts.

Whether you are a leader, manager, supervisor, member of an employee network, or an individual change agent, you can be effective at leading Managing MicroTriggers® activities with the help of the Leader’s Guide.  With enough time, reinforcement and role modeling, Managing MicroTriggers will become “the way things are done” on your team.  Eventually, new behaviors will “stick,” and as a result, your team will improve their communications and interactions. 


The Leader’s Guide provides Step-by-step instructions for leading the Participant Toolkit activities along with recommended timeframes, implementation options, and discussion prompts.


NOTE:  Each Leader will need his/her own Participant Workbook as well.

Product Details:
37 pages, 4-color, spiral bound
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.5 x 0.2 inches

Managing MicroTriggers - Leader’s Guide

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