Federal Agency


You work in an environment where there are several stakeholders with varying interests: Congress, the public, private and non-governmental sectors. Couple that with navigating internal politics within a labyrinthine bureaucracy, it can sometimes feel like you’re playing 3-D chess trying to move the wheels of change within a federal agency. Tomorrow, Congress can decide to care about a topic for you, or the marketplace might find inequities in the way a product or service is being served - and it's your job to respond. Clearly, to do this work and move the needle requires a level of sophistication you arguably don’t see in other sectors.


And while your workforce is diverse, that oftentimes does not translate into better products and services for the American public? You can certainly tout that you’re hiring racially diverse employees, the question is whether that diversity is rising to the top? A diversity of opinion and perspective at the top can help close the gaps. So what’s getting in the way?


Young people can also help close the gaps. They bring a fresh, digital-native perspective to the table, which drives public sector innovation. The question is how to successfully retain them? Millennials may not know or care as much about public service, but they do care about making an impact. They care about the future and environmental sustainability, but they are seeking a different kind of a workplace – one that focuses on digital innovation and workplace flexibility. So the question then becomes how do you as a governmental leader maximize the return on your initial investment in diversity and also retain young and diverse talent, both of which can help drive the change you seek?


We can help you make sense of it all. We’re pioneers in the diversity & inclusion space and with over 28 years under our belts, we’ve partnered with our fair share of federal clients. First thing we’d tell you to do is sign up for a free 1 hour consultation. Take the next step towards unleashing your organizational potential.