MicroTriggers Online Course

MicroTriggers Online Course


Maximum Participants: 200 per month

Course Length: Approximately 45 minutes

$5,500 per month  


Course Description:

This online workshop teaches how subtle and sometimes unconscious behaviors can lead to misunderstandings and assumptions in the workplace and how small changes can positively improve team work, efficiency, and the ability to solve problems.

  • Understand the impact of the subtle behaviors on individual, team and business performance
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of the sender, receiver and observer of MicroTriggers
  • Identify strategies to develop and maintain an inclusive environment  


Approximate seat time = 45 minutes.  

Narration in English throughout.  

SCORM: 1.2 compliant.  

Maximum 200 individual users per month.  


Includes Quiz reports, by group, for a maximum of 5 groups per month. Ivy retains all rights to its Intellectual Property and copyrighted course content. Hosted on Ivy Planning Group’s Learning Management System (LMS).