Diversity and Inclusion Online Course

Diversity and Inclusion Online Course


Minimum Participants: 1

Maximum Participants: 200 per month

Course Length: Approximately 45 minutes

$5,500 per month


Course Description:  

This online workshop introduces the key concepts of diversity and inclusion:  

  • What it is: Develop an awareness and sensitivity for diversity and inclusion  
  • Why it matters: Introduce the business rationale for diversity and inclusion – workforce, workplace and marketplace  
  • What to go do: Begin to develop next steps for maximizing the benefits of diversity and inclusion


Approximate seat time = 45 minutes.  

Narration in English throughout.  

SCORM: 1.2 compliant.  

Maximum 200 individual users per month.

Includes Quiz reports, by group, for a maximum of 5 groups per month. Ivy retains all rights to its Intellectual Property and copyrighted course content. Hosted on Ivy Planning Group’s Learning Management System (LMS).