Employee Resource Group (ERG)


An Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a group of employees that comes together of a like demographic in order to focus on the needs of that group for the benefit of the organization. They end up being a listening post, both internally and externally, to understand the perspectives of that group. They end up being a resource to that organization for the entire employee life-cycle, as well as research and development and marketing.


ERGs are a huge benefit to the organization when channeled appropriately. They can help an organization answer the question what's it like to be "us" as we journey through this organization. They are the group that when used correctly says, “Yes, we would love to be a focus group on that new product you're considering and we will give you our feedback on the product through the lens of our difference. They can add great value to an organization’s bottom and enhance the vibrancy of an organization’s culture.

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